Monday, February 28, 2005


I know you doubted us, but CB radio 2 is finally ready to be injected down your earholes. It came down to the wire, but that's just because we had to take a little extra care to make this one extra-cold, like those Coors cans that never get above freezing and shit, even in the truck. So slip into something more comfortable and download the latest joint.

Buy the mix here:
Here's the tracklist for this month's mix:

Aha, Cassidy, R.Kells and C.Bananas - "Take On Cassidy"
Wu Tang Clan - "Careful (Click, Click)"
Princess - "Stroller Controller" (
Jackie-O - "Slow Down"
Robin Kenyatta - "Gypsy Man"
Diamond - "Fuck What Ya Heard"
Original Flavor - "Can I Get Open?"
Beatnuts - "Are You Ready"
Do Make Say Think - "War on Want"
Sutekh and Dead Prez - "Is there a place where we can pimp the system? (hell yeah)"
Destiny's Child and The Books - "Beyonce don't read"
Too Short - "I Luv (instrumental)"
Terrah Danjah - "Cock Back V1.2"
Lethal Bizzle - "Pow (Forward Riddim)"
Kardinall Offishall - "Fast Forward"
Pitbull - "Pitbull's A Bastard"
Gwen Stefani and Lethal Bizzle - "Holla forward-back girl"
Egg Foo Young - "B-Boys Take Control"
Twista ft. R.Kelly - "So Sexy"
M83 - "Don't Save Us From The Flames"
Savath and Savalas, and Slim Thugg - "$avath, $avalas & $lim"
Cam'Ron - "Killa Cam"
Eamon - "Get Off My Dick"

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Whether it was innovative, an abomination or somewhere in between, it certainly got people talking. This track is a prime example of what we mean when we say "Certified Bananas." And now, for your own listening pleasure, the Bridges and Balloons with a Bagel on it Joanna Newsom Reggaeton remix (phew, thats a long one!) buck buck!

Click Here to Download

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Hey urrbody:

I want to say thanks to all the folks that have been checking the site out and looking for the February Mix. I wish I could say here it is, but We're gonna keep ya'll waiting for a few more while we regroup and refocus. P's been in the grind extra hard this month, touring the midwest with his pop group Miss Fairchild and blowing up Powerbooks left and right. I'd lace you solo style if I could, but there's no AV in team, ya get me?

Those hungry for some new jams should definitely peep MF's site (like right now) for some of their exclusive remixes/remakes/mashed bananas. Also check back here soon: we'll upload some of the much-requested original tracks from last month's mix, and maybe even a preview of this month's shizzle before we finally get you the Feb mix!