Friday, April 29, 2005

Ya'll can calm down though, ya'll can...

Oh my, oh my...

I'm gonna get right down to business, because we've got stuff going on right now besides this new mix. Of course, as mentioned in the last post, we've got this party going on Friday, May 6th in Cambridge with Catchdubs. This shit is gonna be fire, so let's tear the fucking club up.

Now all our Providence folks have to show up THIS THURSDAY, May 5th, at the Smith Hill American Legion, 285 Smith St. Providence, RI. It's a collabo Certified Bananas throwdown and Ian McAlpin birthday jam, but don't be afraid to come out if you have no idea who (acclaimed director) Ian is--shit's just gonna be a regular old gettin' crazy hoedown, and we're super excited. Come on out, Providence--don't let Cambridge show you up. Flyer with full details coming later today...

And of course, the main attraction is the new mix of the month. It's the April Mix, although people seem perturbed that the mix comes at the END of the month it's named after. Should we re-dub it the May mix? Let us know. P says this one's a little more "bananas" than it is "certified," if you catch his drift.

Buy the mix here:


Change da Game – DJ Quik
Se Van – Tego Calderon and Volito
You Know My Cherrybomb Style – Nas & Manitoba
On & On – Missy Elliott and Pharrell
One Thing (instrumental) – Amerie
Diamonds – Kanye West
Trick Me (P.Neezy Responds to the LCD Soundsystem craze mix) – Kelis and Neezy
Flex My Name – Destiny’s Child and Liquid Liquid
Sippin’ On Some Syrup – Three 6 Mafia
Float On (Chopped and Screwed) – Modest Mouse and C. Bananas
Reload – Kano featuring D Double E and Demon
Bombs Over Arabs – Outkast and The Cure
Get Low (Merengue mix) – Lil’ Jon, Eastside Boyz, Ying Yang Twins, Pitbull
Sets Go Up – UTP
Rock and Roll – Edan featuring Dagha
Only U (Reggaeton Remix) – Ashanti
Only U (remix) – Ashanti featuring Cam’ron and Juelz Santana
I Feel Good - Larry Graham

See you in Providence or Cambridge...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pop your banana like this

Happy motherfucking spring!

Honestly, has anyone in the Northeastern United States been outside today? Holler at your weather. Anyway, we've got a few little tidbits to offer as the April mix bubbles and brews. We'd like to officially announce our next party on May 6th, at the Enormous Room, 567 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA. We'll be spinning alongside kickass Dj/rap blogeratti kingpin/all around good guy Nick Catchdubs, rocking from 9 PM until they shut us down (2 AM). Chris is gonna take his shirt off.

We're also working on setting up a party in our hometown of Providence. Anyone have a good idea as to where we should play in Providence?

In terms of website news, the memory-challenged amongst you can now reach us at, although it will just take you back to this page. And here's what you've really come for, the Television/Khia remix from last month's mix. Bump it only while rolling on 27" rims. On your Schwinn.

Television is Crack - Khia, Television, and Certified Bananas

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cuttin' up potatoes...

Greetings, my little fried plantains.

Hope everyone's been feeling bananas like Kells feels on girls' fruits and vegetables. We wanted to send out a thank you to the Boston Phoenix, who shouted us out in this week's 8 Days. They specifically mentioned P's awkwardly named remix of Stilettos, which can now be downloaded as a single track here:

Stilettos (P.Neez Cried During Finding Neverland Remix) - Crime Mob

It's perfect for that springtime mix that you've been making for your sweetheart--subtle, passionate and from the heart. Just like Johnny Depp. If that doesn't get the point across to the object of your fancy, then come back in a week when we post up the Television/Khia track. That oughta do it.

One last note: Stay tuned for info about our upcoming party in Cambridge with Nick Catchdeez.