Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Quite sincere. Really.

Doing the damn thing big big big this Friday with Caps and Jones, whose Moving in Stereo mixtape is all kinds of bonkers. Honestly, this thing is gonna be big. Big like a pickup truck. Big like Patrick Ewing. Big like eating 20 tacos. Big like wall-to-wall carpeting. Big like outer space.

Whoa. That's big.

Thanks to the man Lemon-Red for the idea and the flyer. Oh, you haven't seen it? Well:

There it is. Also, a very special new mix dropping soon soon soon soon so come on back in a minute, ya heard? Also some big changes on the Certified Bananas site. Also so more shindigs in the works, a little Norther than usual..... See you on Friday.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The Certified Bananas patented MMTTTGGRR method for summer fun:

Make sure temperature is > 80 F
Make sure humidity is > 70%
Turn on Stere-ereo
Turn off lights
Turn on this
Get down
Get sweaty
Rub ice cubes over entire body